About Us

Anamay Homoeo clinic treats the man in the disease and not the disease.This is the only homoeopathic clinic in Pune which provides a personalized travel kit designed for a particular individual taking into account all his health issues during travel.

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Our Specialities

We are known experts in treating certain diseases with homoeopathic remedies namely Allergic Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Menierís Disease or Labyrinthitis & Vertigo, Irritable bowel syndrome, Cervical spondylosis...

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Herbal Tonics

It is seen that certain mother tinctures of homoeopathic medicines act better as organ herbal remedies than potentized form. Therefore we have preparations at our clinic of such herbal tonics which can be taken per mouth.

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Homoeopathy Treatment

   Gall Stone    Anemia    Enlarged Spleen    Diabetes Mellitus
   Jaundice (Hepatitis A)    Chronic Asthma    Frequent nasal bleeding    Heel Pain (calcaneal spur)
   Flat foot    Arthritis    Varicose Veins    Sciatica
   Cervical Spondylosis    Hipbone problem    Chronic backaches    High blood pressure
   Ovarian cysts    Prostate enlargement    Uterine fibroids    Birth marks, Keloids
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