Case Studies
Glimpses of cases cured in Anamay Homoeo Clinic
  • Case 1 :
    A lady of 32 years came to the clinic with complaints – ringing in ears with vertigo and loss of balance associated with partial deafness. In spite of going to many specialists, the patient was not relieved and kept suffering. In 2006 Sept, we started our homoeopathic treatment during which she got rid of vertigo within first 6 months, later on tinnitus got slowly reduced and finally hearing improved much as compared to previous stage. The treatment was completed successfully in Sept 2008 and now she is leading a happy and confident life.

  • Case 2:
    A young man of 36 years would get attacks of vertigo with vomiting and sweating with ringing in ears, would be admitted in hospital on and off and was diagnosed to have Meniere's disease (internal ear disease). Was on allopathic treatment (vertin and sturgeon), With our homoeopathic treatment within 1 year, completely improved and did not have a single episode of vertigo after first 6 months of treatment.

  • Case 3:
    A lady of 40 years came to us with complaints of tendency of allergic cold since many years. She would have a lot of sneezing, itching of eyes, allergic cough and allergic asthma. We started her treatment in Oct 2007 and she was cured within 4 months of homoeopathic treatment. Thereafter she did not suffer from a single episode of allergic cold.

  • Case 4:
    A gentlemen aged 33 years came to me with complaints of diarrhea from slight change in food habits. He would have sudden urge of stools with pain in abdomen in the morning as well as during any anxious situations. Homoeopathic remedies relieved him within a span of 3 months and is now enjoying every kind of food.

  • Case 5:
    A gentlemen of 61 years came to us with reports of abdominal USG which showed cluster of gall bladder stones and his triglycerides were very high (342). Patient did not respond at all to allopathic medication. In Aug 2007 we started our treatment and his USG in Sept 2008 shows only 3 tiny calculi abd his triglycerides are 187 (absolutely normal!).

  • Case 6:
    A colonel (also a doctor) came to me with painless hoarseness, almost loss of voice and obstruction of nose. There was no abnormality in laryngoscopic findings.. He had obstruction of the nose due to collapse of the nasal septum.. We have given Homoeopathic treatment only for 4 months and patient got his original voice back within first 2 months of the treatment which did not have even a tinge of hoarseness. Slowly obstruction while breathing got reduced now he does not have any complaint.

  • Case 7:
    A lady of 48 years passing through a menopausal phase told that she had severe flushes of heat followed by attacks of sweating and palpitations. After it was confirmed that all the investigations reports are normal, we kept her on anti menopausal syndrome treatment and within 2.5 months her all flushes and restlessness disappeared and menses silently stopped.

  • Case 8:
    A patient of age 58 years was on allopathic cardio protective drugs and had bypass surgery 6 years before. He got the reports of sugar level showing 144 mg % and pp 196 mg %. Allopathic experts did not advice any ant diabetic treatment and told to manage by homoeopathy. Patient took anti diabetic Homoeopathic treatment and is still under the same. After homoeopathic treatment started, every month his sugar levels kept coming down even without no allopathic drugs for diabetes. Now his sugar levels are 96 mg % and pp 128 mg % and is continuing our treatment